A Grassroots Collaboration

Texas Organizing Project and SEIU Texas members have collaborated to create a plan for our city that will lift our communities and set Houston on a course where all families can access opportunity. Together we’re building organized communities of color ready to fight for better jobs, better roads and drainage, immigrants’ rights and protections and neighborhoods of opportunity.

We have a track record of engaging community and increasing the vote in Latino and African American neighborhoods, increasing Latino turnout by 5% across Harris County in 2012 and turning out 91,000 voters to the polls in 2014.

SEIU Texas is 25,000 janitors, healthcare providers, municipal and county employees across the state who work to make Texas a place where all families can thrive by raising wages and fighting for immigrant rights and access to healthcare. Learn more here.

Texas Organizing Project has 60,000 members and supporters in Harris, Dallas and Bexar County.  In Harris County we have been fighting for investments in OUR communities for home repair, protection from flooding, school improvements, environmental protection, good jobs, access to healthcare, immigrants rights and more. Learn more here.